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Our mission at PAL is to build partnerships between youth, law enforcement, and the community through recreational and educational programs designed to encourage, enhance and develop good citizenship and improve the quality of life in Palm Beach County.

"Every Kid needs a PAL"

PAL Centers are closed, watch for news when we reopen!

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Its great to be a PAL

PAL Youth of the Month - Ludjiana Sifralien

PAL's Student of the Month is Ludjiana Sifralien from the Cabana Colony PAL Youth Center. 


Ludjiana  is a 4th grade student who  attends The Conservatory School in North Palm Beach.  Ludjiana is an avid reading student and really enjoys art and creativity.  Ludjiana loves attending Cabana Colony PAL and always shows her creative side by drawing pictures and designing different artistic items that can be seen all around the Youth Center.  Ludjiana plans to be an artist so that her work is shown around the world.